Building Construction


Residential – Business Objects


The main characteristic of the residential – business objects constructed by Rapid Bild is that they are modern and contemporary, designed and constructed in compliance with all the world criteria. Rapid Bild implements the principle “key in hand” for this kind of objects and the company performs all the construction phases or only the shell construction phase (reinforced concrete construction with masonry).


The services

Rapid Bild guarantees speed and quality of the construction works – our priority. Hence, the characteristics of the Rapid Bild’s constructions are as follows:

  • Quick performance
  • Materials of highest quality
  • High technology


Industrial Objects


Rapid Bild performs systems of reinforced concrete and steel constructions for all types of industrial objects (halls, production plants, sheds, projecting roof, warehouse etc.). Depending on the needs and requirements of the investor, Rapid Bild can be the contractor of all construction phases i.e. the type – “key in hand” or a contractor only of the construction phase (reinforced concrete and steel).

The services

For the construction of steel construction system, Rapid Bild owns the following:

  • Own production plants
  • Modern equipment
  • Transport means
  • Materials for quick and quality performanceба

Civil Engineering


Gas Pipeline


Using ultra modern equipment and materials and construction materials, Rapid Bild has imposed itself as a leader in the performance of the National gas pipeline in the Republic of Macedonia. The uniqueness of these projects is the fact that for the first time a Macedonian company is the carrier of the construction works of a National gas pipeline with high pressure. In addition, it is good to know that we have accomplished the first procurement and usage of automatic welding machines (orbital welding heads) at the territory of the Republic of Macedonia which enabled the completion of the installation-welding works of the project within the due time limit. Also for the first time RAPID BILD DOO applied quality polyethylene isolation for the isolation of the welded joints allowing longer durability and exploitation period of the gas pipeline.


The services

Rapid Bild takes pride in several similar important projects that the company has completed:

  • National gas pipeline section Klechovce – Block station 5
  • National gas pipeline section BS5 – Negotino with Main Measuring Regulation Station (MMRS) Shtip and MMRS Negotino
  • National gas pipeline section Skopje – Tetovo – Gostivar
  • National gas pipeline section Negotino (Kavadarci) – Bitola


Sewerage systems


Rapid Bild performs all kinds of atmospheric and fecal sewerage systems – concrete, steel or PVC systems. The company has once again proved its professionalism in this field by the equipment and the materials it uses.


Road Infrastructure


Rapid Bild builds roads with accompanying road objects (underpass objects, overpass objects, junctions, bridges) terminals, landscape objects etc.